These Dogs Are The Best To Have As A Workout Buddy

Published on 06/23/2020

Dogs can easily be the most perfect running partners. However not every dog is built for an intense, high-energy workout. But do not fear there are plenty of dog breeds that enjoy anything from short strolls to long, extreme running workouts. Not only can high-energy dogs be great fun but they always are there with you when you’re ready to workout. So take a look at these amazing dogs you should definitely consider when searching for a running partner.

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These Dogs Are The Best To Have As A Workout Buddy

Border Collie

Border Collies are excellent companions for people who love to exercise. Border Collies are one of the most intelligent dogs with an incredible zest for life. They are not only great dogs for adults but for small children too. Making these dogs happy is so simple, as they very much enjoy running and are a joy to exercise with.

German Shepherds

Possibly one of the most active, larger dogs. German Shepherds is known for its love of activity, there’s definitely no shortage of ways to entertain them. They’ll be happy to tun alongside you each morning on your run. They are fantastic workout buddies! And here’s a fun fact, German Shepards also love water so you can take them swimming after your runs.


Dalmations are the best kind of dogs for long-distance runs as they absolutely love exercise. If you’re into energetic sports, then you’ve picked a great breed. They make wonderful partners for workouts, as you’ll be burning tons of calories. Lets hope you can keep up with them.

Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherd is an incredibly active dog. They love running around the yard or playing a game of fetch…be ready to get a good workout and burn loads of calories. Another breed of intelligent dogs that love to be challenged. We highly recommend these dogs as a workout companion.

Siberian Husky

Huskies were actually bred as sled dogs, so it’s in their nature to run a lot. Their endurance is never-ending. What’s even better is that they thrive in the colder weather, so for those early morning runs they’ll be your best motivators.