5 Tips To Overcome Nervousness

Published on 11/17/2021

Are you supposed to give a longer lecture or get to know the parents of your new partner? No wonder you’re excited. Here are a few tips to get you down. Regardless of whether it’s an important conversation with the boss or a first date with your Crush: There are situations that make us so insecure and nervous that we would like to run away screaming or teeter in an embryonic position in a dark corner. Since we know that we have to go through there somehow, we try to calm down – but that’s not always that easy. So next time you will know how to help yourself because we prepared a few tips for you.

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5 Tips To Overcome Nervousness

Embrace The Nervousness

Being excited is okay, after all, you’re not a robot. Don’t blame yourself for being nervous, just remember that everyone has moments like this. But don’t stop there: Make a conscious decision not to let your nerves get you down and believe that you will still handle the situation well.

Prepare For Different Situations

A great way to get a grip on nervousness is to think in advance about what could happen and how you would like to react in the situation. Play through the different scenarios in your head and come up with suitable strategies. In this way, you are prepared for anything and you will not be unprepared in the worst-case scenario. For some, it also helps to imagine the worst-case and then put it into perspective: Will the worst that could happen to you still be so terrible in a week? Have you not already dealt with more difficult situations? Etc.

Imagine How You Are Coping With The Situation

Instead of thinking about how you fail, imagine how you confidently give your presentation or loosely recite your self-written song in front of a lot of people – concentrate on the positive image and keep reminding yourself of it.

Remember The Reason Behind

Remember what you want to achieve by talking to your boss? Why do you want to get to know the in-laws? If you now only think “Well, because I have to”, then for the time being just concentrate on the following reason: Because you want to prove to yourself that you can do it. If you give your project meaning, you steer the focus away from the nervousness towards the goal you want to achieve.


Our mind influences our body – if we are afraid, we quickly start to sweat, shiver or cannot make a sound. It’s annoying – but it also has something positive: It also works the other way around! If we concentrate on breathing calmly and evenly, we calm down and the nervousness gradually decreases. Laughing also helps: if we smile, our mood automatically improves, and we relax.