Missing Someone Is Hard – Here Are The Best Tips Against Longing For Someone

Published on 06/09/2022

A past love, a partner, or a loved one who has sadly passed away – missing someone is terrible and once a hole has been torn in our lives, it is not so easy to fill it again. The feeling that something is missing makes our world stand still and our life gray. Sometimes this feeling of missing lasts for a long time and the psyche suffers. In this article you will find out what types of missing there are and how you can take individual action against them and thus finally banish the emptiness in your life.

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Missing Someone Is Hard – Here Are The Best Tips Against Longing For Someone

Longing In Love

We probably associate longing primarily with romantic feelings and often use it as a synonym for “missing” and “desiring”. Longing plays a major role, especially in long-distance relationships. Here the longing is particularly great, since the presence of the partner is unattainable in everyday life. On the other hand, lovesickness is also a kind of longing. Here you long for a past relationship. You’re probably wondering: What would have happened if the relationship had never ended?

Regular Contact

Regular contact is particularly important in long-distance relationships in order to satisfy the longing for a partner. This is how you feel close to your partner even though you are physically distant. At best, you know what your partner is up to and what worries torment him. You can call regularly, keep up to date with text messages or skype. Just hearing the other person’s voice can ease your longing. However, sometimes this can increase your longing.

Distract Yourself

When you’re heartbroken and longing for your ex, distracting yourself also helps. You can pursue your hobbies, meet up with friends or do something by yourself. Create new memories that will make you forget your grief and past relationship. This is how your longing will gradually subside.

Make Plans

Immediately after a visit, always set a new appointment for the next one. Anticipation is known to be the greatest joy, especially in a long-distance relationship. So ‘missing someone’ definitely doesn’t stand a chance. Even going on vacation together can fuel anticipation. Find a dream destination together and plan the trip together.

Don’t Allow it Too Much

You shouldn’t give the feeling of missing too many chances to take over. Active action against the missing scares away the feeling in no time. Don’t try to get bogged down in your longing and distract yourself when the feeling overwhelms you. And as soon as you know it, you can hug your loved ones again.

Stay Positive

Missing isn’t about how long you haven’t seen each other, it’s about how deep that person sits in your heart. And don’t forget: Missing someone can also be converted into a positive feeling, such as anticipation. Find your way of dealing with it optimally.