5 Easy Exercises You Should Do Every Day

Published on 07/05/2022

Exercise every day, can’t that be healthy? You eat and sleep every day, don’t you? The right load is crucial. We present 5 top exercises for people who sit a lot.

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5 Easy Exercises You Should Do Every Day


Squats, also known as squats, are the pinnacle of strength training and challenge your thighs and glutes like no other exercise. Tighten your stomach, then you also set training stimuli here. Here’s how it works: Stand with your feet hip-width apart and push your buttocks back while crouching down as far as you can with a straight back. The knees push outward and never fall inward. Tighten your buttocks and stomach.


In addition to tension in the lower body, balance is required in this classic leg and exercise – lunges are also a great exercise for your core muscles and your head. Here’s how it works: Take a big step forward and bend the front leg with a straight upper body until you reach a right angle between the upper and lower leg. Inhale and then exhale as you push yourself back up. Pay attention to your body tension. Now switch legs.

Floor Scare

Looks easy, but requires absolute balance! In the standing scale, you train the back extensors, your abdominal muscles, buttocks, and the back of your legs. Here’s how it works: Lift one leg from a standing position, bend your straight upper body and slowly guide the leg backwards into the extension. The supporting leg remains slightly bent to protect your knee. You can stretch your arms out beside your body for more balance. Stay in the air for a moment and come back in a controlled manner.

Super Man

The upper back is difficult to train without weights and machines. Luckily, there is a very effective exercise you can do at home: Superman or Superwoman. If you also lift your thighs off the ground, you train your buttocks and lower back again. Here’s how it works: Lie on your stomach and stretch your arms out in front of you. Now lift your chest off the floor with straight arms and draw your elbows to your ribs. Squeeze your shoulder blades tightly together. Extend your arms again and lower your chest at the same time. The head stays straight. Tighten your buttocks. If you like, lift your thighs up at the same time as your chest. Work slowly and in a controlled manner.

Yoga Push Up

This exercise combines strengthening your chest and arms with a stretch for your back and full hamstrings. The downward-facing dog stretch gives you a little push-up break and you might be able to do a few more repetitions! Here’s how it works: Get into the plank position, tighten your abs and do a clean push-up from there. You can also let yourself sink completely to the floor for a short time. From here you push yourself directly into downward-facing dog by pushing yourself back up into support and from here push your pelvis back and push the floor away with your hands. The legs are straight, the buttocks are the highest point, and the shoulder blades are contracted. From here you sink back into the plank and do a push-up. If the combination with the push-up is still too challenging, just switch dynamically between the plank and the downward-facing dog.