What Helps Against Tiredness – 5 Tips For More Energy

Published on 01/11/2022

Are you tired of closing your eyes? There are many reasons for this: the long night of partying, poor sleep or a too hearty meal, for example. Fortunately, with these eight emergency measures you can quickly fight your tiredness and give yourself an energy kick.

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What Helps Against Tiredness – 5 Tips For More Energy

Get Some Fresh Air

It does not matter whether you are in the office or at home: grab your jacket and walk around the block for a few minutes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sunny, raining or snowing. After all, what better way to combat tiredness and listlessness than some exercise in the fresh air? The short oxygen shower works wonders. If a walk is not possible due to lack of time, you can also ventilate the room: Simply open a window wide for a few minutes and breathe in and out deeply and deliberately several times.


Of course, we only mean non-alcoholic drinks! The human organism consists of 50 to 80 percent water, depending on age. It is best to drink two to three liters of still water or unsweetened tea a day. Because if you do not drink enough fluids, poor concentration and lack of drive are the results. The reason for this is mild dehydration, which can be seen from the fact that you are thirsty. So don’t let it get that far in the first place: Always put a full bottle of water on your desk, which you shouldn’t just empty during the day, but refill it many times. As a guideline, you can remember: drink 250 ml of water every hour.


What can help immediately and quickly against tiredness? A contrast showers! It is not only good for blood circulation, but also makes you more awake. But you are in the office right now or have to sit out a boring visit to your in-laws and a shower is out of the question? No problem: if you splash your face and wrists with ice-cold water in the bathroom, it has a similarly invigorating effect.


Thanks to exercises, your spirits will quickly be wide awake again: buttocks up from the desk chair, stand up straight and stretch your hands up as far as you can. Stretch and straighten your body – make yourself as tall as you can and make a few grimaces as you go. Then you try to get to the floor with your fingertips. When you stand upright again, circle your hips and shoulders and rotate your wrists. In this way, you not only drive away tiredness but also provide a little variety and movement for your seated body.

Power Napping

Even if it sounds strange to many employees, A short nap in between – especially between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. – is a perfect way to recharge the batteries. It is important that you do not nod off longer than 20 to 30 minutes so that the short sleep does not turn into a deep sleep. If you are awakened from the latter, you sag completely, are confused and irritable. If you stick to the time, power napping works like an energy booster. It also increases performance and has a positive effect on short-term memory. Some swear by the “coffee nap”: they even drink an espresso or coffee just before going to sleep. After 20 minutes, when you are supposed to wake up anyway, it unfolds its awakening power. So you have twice the power.