Essential Kitchen Secrets You May Not Know About

Published on 01/28/2021

When it comes to cooking in the kitchen, we are always looking for the best tips and tricks. Even though some of you may think you have the whole kitchen business figured out, there is always something new to learn. Whether it’s our grandmother’s best-kept secret or a professional chef’s pro tips, thankfully there are loads of different kitchen hacks that can help save us time and money. Keep reading to see some surprisingly yet incredibly smart kitchen hacks that will definitely make your life so much easier.

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Essential Kitchen Secrets You May Not Know About

Use Numerous Cutting Boards

Professionals have highly recommended that we all own at least two different cutting boards, one for meat, chicken, and fish and another one for fruit, vegetables, or foods that do not require cooing. Research has also suggested that it is so necessary to prevent the trapping of harmful bacterias or cross-contamination of dangerous bacteria. To avoid this and to keep things hygienic in the kitchen, buy different boards, preferably plastic ones

Do Not Open The Oven While Baking

This is a common mistake made by so many people, which can often cause your cake to collapse. Why? Well by opening the oven door, the rush of cold air obviously decreases the temperature inside the oven. An age-old secret says to keep the oven door closed for at least 3/4 of the cooking time before checking on your pie, bread, or cake. As tempting as it may be to open the oven, don’t do it! You’ll regret it!

Buy Several Knives

Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or just starting out, several different knives are a must for any kitchen. Most of the experts suggest that the perfect number of knives to own is four,  a chef’s knife, a universal one, a knife for vegetables, and one for bread.

Do Not Keep Milk In The Fridge Door

This next tip actually applies to all type of dairy such as eggs, butter, yoghurt and cheese…not just milk. The fridge door may seem like the most suitable place to store these products but in fac opening and closing the door of the fridge can cause the average temperature to rise. Meaning that lowers the shelf life. The best place to store a lot of these items is either on the lower shelves or towards the back of the refrigerator where the temperature is a lot cooler.

Defrost Meat In The Fridge

A lot of us buy meat in bulk and store it in the freezer – which is great. The problem comes when we need to defrost it before we cook with it. So, the best way to thaw meat is to plan in advance. Put the meat on a suitable plate or bowl and leave it in the fridge overnight. Don’t leave meat at room temperature for more than two hours nor should you leave the meat in hot water. Defrosting the meat in the fridge is one of the safest ways and also lets the meat keeps its taste and texture.