These Herbs And Spices Will Shake Up Your Wellness Entirely

Published on 06/02/2020

Healthy eating often gets dissociated with tasty eating but you can definitely have the best of both worlds. It may not be as easy because you are trying to keep your calories and fat low. However, we tend to forget about our herbs and spices these are a great way to add flavor, not only that but they in actual fact have some major health benefits. The difference between a herb and spice is that part of the plant, herbs are the leaves and spices come from the seeds. However, the health benefits are pretty much the same. These herbs and spices will shake up your clean eating and have you enjoying healthy food in no time.


These Herbs And Spices Will Shake Up Your Wellness Entirely


The most natural powerhouse of the spice world that is often used in Indian and Mexican dishes. Tumeric adds a great yellow color to anything too, and it doesn’t stain your teeth. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin which acts as a natural inflammatory and has been shown to have potential in benefiting those with arthritis and cancer-related inflammation.

Smoked Paprika

Did you know paprika was made from peppers? It contains capsaicin which is a potent antioxidant. The flavor gives off a meaty taste and can turn any veggie meal into a meat resemblance or descendant. It is great for adding a savory taste to foods.


Garlic has been shown to be a powerful cancer fighter and is packed with flavor. Just a little tip to hide the smell of your breath is to eat parsley before, after, and during to hide the garlic smell. You can also grate a garlic clove into your food rather than chopping it, it will melt and radiate flavor throughout any dish.


Cinnamon constitutes part of the warm spices group which also homes ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom. Cinnamon affects blood sugar and triglycerides making it good for anyone with diabetes. You can add cinnamon to your coffee, yogurt, cereal or fruits.