The Best Cooking Shows That Will Inspire You In The Kitchen

Published on 11/25/2020

Cooking is something that we all wish we could do a lot more of, especially if we’re wanting to improve our skills in the kitchen. However, during the current, uncertain times people’s fascination and interest in cooking has become a lot more popular. This is why think there is no better time than the present to improve your cooking talents and skills. So, whether you’re the ultimate foodie or just looking for more inspiration in the kitchen, take a look at this perfect list that will also leave your mouth watering…

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The Best Cooking Shows That Will Inspire You In The Kitchen

Nailed It

Nailed It is a great show that everyone follows amateur bakers as they go through a series of challenges in order to reproduce some of the craziest master-pieces. Most of the time, the contestants have no culinary experience but seek triumph in the kitchen as well a big cash prize. At times, the show becomes partly entertaining and partly one big hot mess. Don’t miss out on this hilarious baking extravaganza that will keep you coming back for more.

The Final Table

A lot of the cooking shows involve amateur chefs that are challenged to produce amazing cuisines that need to be just as good as the professionals. However, The Final Table takes a totally different approach. The show consists of 12 two-person teams of famous international chefs who need to prepare dishes from different countries. Viewers will absolutely adore the amazing level of culinary and creativity skills.

The Great British Bake Off

For anyone looking for the perfect show that is full of the magnificent art of baking. Amateur bakers are put to the test against each other in an attempt to…win the show. The contestants go through a series of challenges that put to the test using ingredients and methods they may have never seen before. Without a doubt, viewers will be left inspired and will definitely want to step up their baking games in their own kitchens.

Nigella Bites

From family meals or elegant dinners, Nigella Lawson shares her favorite recipes that are not only easy to make but will totally leave you inspired in the kitchen. With her charming style and delicious recipes, viewers feel completely immersed in her delectable food life. Nigella has actually been teaching people about the pleasured of the table since she published her first cookbook, which is why everyone loves watching her tv show- Nigella Bites. 


Some may find it difficult to get inspired by Gordon Ramsey but then there are others who can’t get enough of his spicy personality. He heads the show where chefs of all culinary levels and backgrounds computer to be the ultimate winner. Just like many other cooking or baking shows, the passionate contestants go through several challenges that test their skills in order to showcase their talents and impress the judges.